PTel Launches a Migration Website to Simplify the Migration Process

Sprint MNVO PlatinumTelPlatinumTel is a Sprint MNVO and it has been renamed to PTel, last December. Now, the carrier is migrating its subscribers and infrastructure to T-Mobile’s network. This is a big change, since T-Mobile works on the GSM network, while Sprint uses CDMA.

Consequently, PTel subscribers need a new SIM card-equipped handset and their current phone numbers must be ported to T-Mobile’s network. The process has been eased somewhat with offers of discounted airtime and free phones. Over the past seven months, PTel has also been porting its assets to GSM from the earlier CDMA-based platform.

To further smoothen out the process, PTel has launched the The migration website should work quickly and it requires users to enter the airtime PIN number. They don’t need to add airtime, since subscribers normally have either an active monthly plan or a PAYGO balance. From a Facebook page, PTel reps also said that users should contact PTel directly to transfer to GSM.

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