Prepaid Subscribers in the UK Should Avoid Fake BBM apps

BBM AppsBogus BBM apps for Android devices are still fooling prepaid subscribers in the UK looking for a genuine one. So far, Google hasn’t done anything to stop these imposters from polluting its Google Play catalogue. Analysts have expressed their concern that the company is too laid-back and a bit sloppy in deciding what apps that may join its online store.

Developers quickly fill the app store with fraudulent apps, whenever users are waiting for highly-anticipated services, including BlackBerry’s BBM. Many of these fake apps come from realistic-sounding company names that have official-looking logos. In addition, these apps are endorsed with dodgy user reviews that are likely come from the scammers themselves.

It would be easy for Google to identify and remove any app that infringes up others’ copyright and trademarks. It is also a bit surprising that we haven’t heard BlackBerry complaining about the situation.

Prepaid subscribers in the UK should be aware that malware may take many forms, from fraud ware that make expensive voice calls to premium numbers to spyware that tracks our online activity. In fairness, many apps we get from the Play store are quite genuine, but Google should face the fact that not all prepaid subscribers in the UK are tech-savvy enough to identify scammers and avoid them.

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