Prepaid HTC One Could Soon be Banned in the UK

Prepaid HTC OneAccording to recent ruling in the UK, HTC has been found infringing Nokia’s patent related to the transmitter technology. The Finland-based company filed the patent in 1999 and due to its non-standard-essential status, Nokia isn’t obliged to license it to other device manufacturers, Patents are deemed standard-essential, if it is needed by mobile devices to function properly. In this case, other manufacturers need to pay an annual-based fee. Nokia said that the ruling is an important development in their dispute with HTC.

The judge’s ruling also means that HTC Wildfire S, One SV and the original One have infringed on intellectual properties owned by Nokia. The company may not find it feasible to remove the technology from its devices and it could be necessary to arrange licensing agreement. A ban will cause the removal of multiple prepaid HTC smartphone models in the United Kingdom.

Nokia has also sued company over patent infringements in Germany, Japan and Italy. Soon both companies will meet in the Netherlands court room, because Nokia is also pressing charges on possible infringements in the country. Thus far, Nokia has been asserted over fifty patent infringement charges against HTC in multiple countries.

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