Nokia Offers £20 Vouchers for Owners of Prepaid Lumia Devices

Prepaid Nokia LumiaAs of latest Lumia devices are not attractive enough, Nokia is planning to reel in more buyers. These Windows Phone 8 devices are still a long way from beating the more popular Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone lineups, but they have successfully edged out the increasingly forgettable BlackBerry devices. Both Microsoft and Nokia have made major strides to shove more Lumia models into consumers’ hands. But, the Nokia Lumia lineup still stays behind the in terms of the third party apps availability.

Now, Nokia is offering users in the UK more incentive to purchase their devices. Until January 15 next year, the Finland-based device manufacturers offer a voucher to purchase £20 worth of apps from its online store. Consumers would be eligible to receive the offer if the purchase brand new Lumia 625, 925, 1020 and 1520. They can immediately register on a special Nokia webpage, after making the purchase.

Nokia Lumia smartphones are praised for their solid, beautiful design. Windows Phone 8 OS is also a relatively unique software platform with tile-based interface, unlike iOS and Android OS with their more common grid-based design. Nokia and Microsoft are doing admirable jobs in making these phones better accepted by consumers and we should see an increase of market share in years to come.

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