EE Prepaid Subscribers Will Soon Enjoy Much Improved Network Quality

EE Prepaid PhonesEE subscribers with prepaid plans will benefit from much improved network quality, because the operator is planning to upgrade 6,000 2G sites in the country, while expanding the 1,600 3G-capable sites. The company is planning to achieve an impressive 99.5 percent of “call success” rate.

To reach this new standard, EE will invest about £275 million in related infrastructure and service. At the moment, EE is still making improvements on 11,000 2G sites and doubling the capacity of 7,000 3G sites. Many of these 2G sites are still utilizing 20-year equipments and the improvements, dropped calls could be reduced by about 50 percent.

So far, EE has accommodated about one billion of voice calls each week with 99.2 percent of call success rate. The company claims that it outperformed the standard benchmark for reliability and voice call quality in the United Kingdom. It is aiming to improve the experience further, while taking reliability and quality to a level already achieved by top-performed across Europe.

For any prepaid subscribers in the United Kingdom, the ability to successfully make a phone call is still and probably always the most essential aspect in their mobile-based experience. High-speed and innovative data will also continue to get much of the attention to allow people to connect, interact and trade better.

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