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Prepaid Nokia Lumia 1520 Will be Available in the UK on December 6

Nokia has launched its first phablet, the Lumia 1520, for distribution in Italy and France. It appears that the prepaid version of the six-incher will soon be available in the United Kingdom, specifically from December 6. According to Nokia, the phone will be available through Phones4U, Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone and O2 retail stores. The Nokia

Windows Phone Market Share Continue to Grow in the UK

As Windows Phone OS begins to gain momentum worldwide, Microsoft’s impending acquisition of Nokia looks like a canny move. Today, much of the Windows Phone environment is dominated by handsets released by the Finland-based company. While Android still dominates the global smartphone market, the Windows Phone OS is gaining fast. In the United Kingdom, Windows

Prepaid Nokia Lumia 1320 May Soon Arrive in the UK

Nokia’s new mid-tier phablet, the Lumia 1320, has been available in Europe. Users in Germany can now pre-order the device. Arrival in Germany could indicate that the Lumia 1320 will soon land on the United Kingdom. Priced at 399 Euro in Germany, Nokia could sell the device in the UK for around £340 off contract.

Prepaid Nokia Lumia 1020 is Available in the UK Through Clove

Nokia’s flagship, the Lumia 1020 has been available on multiple major carriers in the United Kingdom and prepaid subscribers can now obtain the device from Clove UK. The Lumia 1020 distinguishes itself with its powerful 41Mp PureView camera, which delivers unparalleled image quality in smartphone market. The camera module is equipped with the OIS (optical

Lumia 625, A 4G Budget Prepaid Smartphone for UK Consumers

Budget 4G smartphone models have a special place in the prepaid marketplace, since they can help subscribers to compensate the costly 4G LTE data plans. For only 1GB of monthly data, prepaid subscribers in the United Kingdom need to spend £26 and £41 per month for 2GB. These amounts of data are not nearly enough

Three UK’s Nokia Lumia 925 Review

The Nokia Lumia 920 was often panned by critics for being a really bulky smartphone model. Others also consider that the 920 is a bit too playful for a flagship device with colorful its polycarbonate body shell. The Lumia 925 addresses these concerns with its metal frame and more restrained color options. Measuring at only

Nokia Lumia 1020 Arrives to the UK

According to its recent announcement, Nokia has confirmed that prepaid subscribers in the United Kingdom get the Lumia 1020 from September 12 onwards. The Finland-based company unveiled the high-end Windows Phone 8 device in July and it has been available in various regions, including the United States. Prepaid subscribers can apply for a pre-order from

Nokia Finally Announces the Lumia 1020

Nokia has finally announced the Lumia 1020, which combines the OIS (optical image stabilization) feature of Lumia 920 with the 41Mp camera sensor of the Nokia 808 PureView. In essence, two Nokia’s earlier phone models merge in one with the Windows Phone 8 OS to boot. The Lumia 1020 sports a 4.5” display with Corning

HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo Are Arriving to Sprint

Finally, early Windows Phone 8 devices arrive to Sprint, which can be considered as a truly unlimited network in the United States. Technically, both of them aren’t here yet, but their release dates should be announced rather soon, specifically later this summer. It may be a little surprising, but the HTC 8XT has more similarities

Prepaid Nokia Lumia 521 (T-Mobile) Review

Nokia Lumia 521 is a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, exclusive to prepaid subscribers of T-Mobile. Users can buy it directly from the carrier at £96 Running at quad-band GSM network, the Lumia 521 is obviously not the prettiest and hottest WP8 smartphone in the market. With the phone, users get a 4” WVGA display; far