BBM App for iOS and Android is Delayed in the UK

BBM App for iOS and AndroidBlackBerry recently posted a message on its official Facebook page asking users for patience, after it delayed the release of BBM app. This also affects prepaid subscribers with iPhone and Android devices in the UK. BBM app for Android is planned to arrive first, followed by the iOS version five hours later. However, iPhone users in New Zealand have been able to successfully install the BBM app for their devices, so this could likely be an Android-only problem.

Numerous fake BBM apps in Google Play store can surely take advantage of this situation and they have fooled Android users worldwide.

Android users looking for the BBM app in Google Play store will get a plethora of fake app instead, fooling users that they are the real deal. These apps simply offer static, text-based information and use mashups of Android and BlackBerry logos. To further confuse users, some developers employ the keyword stuffing technique, which violates Google’s policies.

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