Apple Will Begin the iPhone Trade-In Programme in the United Kingdom

Prepaid iPhonesUsers of prepaid iPhone in the UK who live in cities where Apple operates official stores might soon get the opportunity to trade in their older handsets. In return, they could get a discount when buying a newer device. Sources reported that Apple has started training up employees of its official stores in the UK as a preparation for the introduction of this new programme. It will start in the United Kingdom followed by other European countries.

While we still don’t the exact details of the plan, it could be similar to the “iPhone reuse and recycle” programme in the United States. In this case, Apple allows users to trade-in their iPhone units and the price is based on the actual condition of the device, such as the state of the display and possible water damages. This allows users to get a discount on to buy a new iPhone model.

Trade-in programs are good for loyal iPhone users, expecting to get Apple’s latest models at reduced price. This also allows Apple to sell their latest phone models to more consumers. Old devices Apple get from this programme will be refurbished or recycled.

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