Apple Invests £353 Million to Produce Sapphire Glass for iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6The upcoming Apple iPhone 6 is rumored to include a display coated with the sapphire glass. Compared to the more common Corning Gorilla Glass, the sapphire glass is trickier and more expensive to produce. Consequently, Apple doesn’t want to take any chances and to prevent any kind of delay the company has invested £353 million to speed up the R&D process of the new screen. The sapphire glass is promised to be tougher than the Gorilla Glass coating Apple currently uses on its smartphones.

GT Advanced Technologies, would be more happy to accept the lorry-load of cash that Cupertino has just shipped to the company. The money should go towards building new furnaces needed to make a large amount of new screens, while keeping the production cost manageable.

Sapphire glass is currently found on the TouchID button and rear-facing camera cover of the iPhone 5S. The new material is said to be virtually impervious to any abrasive or hard object, which is a good thing if users also have keys and coins inside the pocket. With its 4-inch display, many have criticized the iPhone 5S as being a little too small. Such a display dimension is typically found on budget smartphone models and as a response, Apple has been working on a bigger display. The iPhone 6 could have between 4.7-inch and 5-inch high resolution display.

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