Android 4.4 Update Could Arrive Faster to Non-Nexus Devices

Android 4.4 UpdateGoogle has finally unwrapped the Kit Kat chocolate bar and users of current Android devices are wondering when they could get the new software, skinned or vanilla. Apparently, Google wants to speed things up and make the Kit Kat available more quickly for owners of non-Nexus devices in the United Kingdom.

As soon as the company has spruced up its own backyard, Google would turn its attention on other Android devices. Upscale models released by Samsung and HTC would be on top of the list. According reports, these smartphone models would be bumped up to Kit Kat within the next three months.

Obviously, Google wouldn’t ignore its subsidiary, Motorola. The Moto X would be the first receiver of Kit Kat. It currently still uses Android 4.2.2, but the company may plan to skip Android 4.3 altogether. Also pegged to be covered with chocolate are other Moto’s prides: the Droid Mini, Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra. Owners of these capable smartphones would experience what Android 4.4 is capable of offering real soon.

As expected, the Google Nexus 4 would among the first devices in the UK to get bumped to have its life cycle extended. Google hasn’t given a definite update schedule even for the Nexus 4, but it should get the most sought-after candy in town within weeks. Prepaid subscribers with off-contract devices would more likely get the Android 4.4 update a bit faster.

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